Permanent images in Quartz

Custom designs in Quartz

For custom homes and private wine cellars the custom tables can add a personalized touch by adding personalized graphic images-photos, art, and logos.

Originally the quartz products were offered to wineries for their private tasting rooms to help with the branding of wines and new releases.

Advantages of our quartz decorated products:

  • Image is permanent and will not wear off.
  • Images can be different for multiple tabletop.
  • Base color of all quartz products is white however the surface can be totally decorated with any full dimensional graphic coverage.
  • Surface will not scratch.
  • Surface will not stain and is anti-microbial.

Thinking outside the box:

  • Individual tiles can be cut (for example-12″ x 12″) with different images or patterns on each tile to be inlaid into a floor.  Because the quartz has been tested for floor surface use and not being slippery.  In fact, a mosaic tile arrangement would work well in entryways.
  • Custom mosaic images on tiles can be install as counter tops that make up a complete image or even whole wall coverings in 4″ x 4″ tiles combined to form any graphic image.
  • Ideal also as a multi-tile backsplash for wine cellars and fronts on reception desks.
Quartz tables

Custom Tables for wine cellars and corporate