Perfect Seal Stopper

A great new stopper option.  Most crown's on bottle stoppers are for aesthetics, pleasure, fun and conversation. This option keep the memories until later and at a reasonable price.

You will not find this American made product anywhere else. Try it and you and your recipients of a Prefect Seal stopper gift will remember it a long time. As we say at IOW-Quality is long remembered as is the giver.


Lay a bottle on the rack and it won’t leak.

What do you do when you have a bottle of nice wine you need or want to save for later.  The wine rack in your wine refrigerator requires that bottle  be laid down in the rack…but it might leak.  No more, our Perfect Seal stopper is the answer; it will not leak. So save the wine until tomorrow.

On any of our crowns this is a perfect optional stopper. It will seal wine bottles, olive oil, even bottle of spirits.

All food grade stainless steel construction and made in the U.S. by a female owned business. What more could a good wine drinker ask for.

This is a $4.00 option which could be paid for in only one bottle of fine wine…or actual average priced wine.


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