Corkscrews-Carbon Fiber


Carbon fiber corkscrew from Italy.

Carbon Fiber is a mystery to most of us; it is light weight yet stronger than steel.  It is the material that jet fighters and stealth aircraft are made of; even the Boeing 787 and Ferrari sports cars use carbon fiber. The look of carbon fiber is intriguing because of it’s exotic near iridescent quality. The handle of our Carbon Fiber corkscrew is made of carbon fiber and the mechanisms are made of a space age vapor coating technique; truly a wine accessory for the ages.  Carbon Fiber is made of carbon with a single strand thinner than a human hair, but when twisted into a thread and then woven into a fabric its look and feel is unmistakable.  The Carbon Fiber Corkscrew is handmade in Italy.

Corporate branding is achieved through a high end gift box that can carry a corporate logo, message or graphic suitable for any corporate occasion. These also can make excellent wedding favors.

Minimum order: 5

Must call for final pricing and to discuss customizing options.

Call for more information and a quote: 702-289-4167


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