Celtic Knot


Celtic Knots are difficult to make and make well. The beauty of the Celtic knot is their complex curves and the mystery.

Our Celtic Knot stoppers are enhanced by the wood selection and a lot of attention paid to proportions.  Jimmy Clews (a world famous woodturner who conducts demonstrations all over the world) says that good stoppers are difficult because they must feel balances, have great tactile properties, and have a 2/3 by 1/3 design.  All our designs follow this format.

All stoppers come with a stainless steel ‘cone’. The standard cone is shown however our newest stopper cone, we call the Perfect Seal stopper.  This $4 option allows the unused liquid in a bottle to be stored on its side.  Wine put back in a refrigerator rack will not leak with the Perfect Seal stopper.


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