Rosewood Burgundy Stopper

Rosewood Stopper-Birch Resin impreg stopper-highly durable

The stopper as shown is highly grained and is also available in a lighter copper color.  It is a very dense and highly polished wood with a flat surface on crown for  logo engraving.  It has a very nice feel and balance.  The stopper cone (hardware) is food grade stainless steel and will not rust or pit.  This is NOT chrome plated which can flake off when exposed to acids in wine.  Luxury and richness are evident.

Minimum order are 10 units. Comes in pin stripped kraft colored gift box. The wood in this stopper is resin impregnated stained birch.

Due to a fire at the factory where this wood is manufactured  please call first for availability of the raw material.  Call: 702-289-4167.  Other woods are available in the exotic category so there are many excellent options-engraving and new leak proof stopper design, also of stainless steel.


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