Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles Water ColorThe stone has a non-slip rating from the manufacturer. This makes for a great concept of branding when used as a floor surface with a custom image.

Great for entry areas and incorporated into solid surface flooring with unique size restrictions.

Again, this is a custom application that is great for commercial applications because the images are permanent in the stone.  As with the Backsplash product and wall coverings (including shower enclosures), custom installation is highly recommended.


  • Custom images are supplied by the customer and can be full color coverage or spot imprint of a logo or single image.
  • Surface is durable and will not scratch off once applied.
  • Non-porous quartz does not easily stain.
  • The base color of the quartz is white as any color can be applied to it (except white) so it will show. The same concept as photo paper.

Call: 702-289-4167. As with all quartz products please give us a call to discuss designs and custom applications.

Surface cover can be up to 8 x 8 feet using individual stone tiles. Individual tiles can be in most any size square or rectangles.