Wine Glass Coasters

Bamboo Wine Glass Coasters

Using the finish bamboo on the planet Image of Wine has created coasters that are the highest quality wine coasters anywhere.  A unique system of using 3 cross-plies to prevent warping.  Bamboo is the most Eco-Friendly material known.  We have used only the Moso bamboo for these 4″ x 4″ coaster.

Coasters come in Natural and Caramelized pure colors.

If you want we can personalize you coaster with a corporate logo or event logo.

Price shown is for a single 4 Coaster set. For quantities for corporate or event favors please call for pricing-Call:702-289-4167

Additional DescriptionMore Details

-Bamboo is 154% harder than oak, therefore Image of Wine has used Teak Oil to treat the bamboo against staining…it penetrates deep.
-2 coats of Teak Oil, each coat has beenhand applied and hand rubbed.
-The sealing system takes 4 days to complete…not cheap but the best.
-Felt pads on the corners.
-4 coasters in a set-Colors can be mixed.
-Call for information on Customization options with laser engraving.

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Quartz Coasters-Custom Images

Quartz is a great product for coasters because it is non-porous amd will not stain. These coasters come with custom images that are permanent and will never scratch off.  Great for corporate gifts, custom designer pieces and homes.  Customer supplies high resolution images  such as a logo (including text message) and full color graphics.   This is the same product that has been featured on a prominent lifestyle cable channel.

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Coasters-Custom with Holder

Image of Wine Coasters for corporate gifts and event favors are made of Quartz. The Quartz stone will accept most any image.  Quartz is the fourth hardest stone and they are durable.

The attributes of our Quartz Coasters are:

  • Image can be color and black and white-photo or line art
  • A different image can be placed on each coaster in the 4 coaster set
  • Because of the resin the quartz is anti-microbial
  • Images will NOT scratch off, wear off, wash off or flake off–The images are very much permanent
  • Choice of holders–stack holder and up-right holder
  • 4″ x 4″ x 1/4″ thick with felt protective pads on back
  • Work well as wedding favors
  • The size tiles can be used for custom backsplash, lobby wall coverings with custom corporate artwork

Think about using these coasters to showcase new product pictures, announce a new campaign, etc.

Minimum order: 10 sets with holder

Call for production requirements and pricing.  Call: 702-289-4167


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Quartz Trivet-Mosaic Image

The Trivet shown uses a mosaic effect that is an actual watercolor image of a vineyard in the fall. Note that each tile in the trivet is a different image and the complete image comes into view when arranged.  This is the same effect available for coasters and floor tiles. The reverse side of the each tile has felt pads.  Note that the tiles can come with different images on each, full color or images with custom background textures.  There are many different options for this product so feel free to call and discuss your dream.

Call: 702-289-4167 for details.

The individual tiles are 4 x 4 x .25 inches.  Floor tiles come in a 1.2 cm thickness or about 1/2 inch. Minimum order is for 4 sets of 4 individual tiles (16 tiles total).

Note: Different images can be placed on each individual tile. Flooring applications have different requirements as do large Mosaic wall coverings so please call for information on these applications.

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Coaster Holder Options

Coaster Holders are stacked or upright.  Wood options do vary.

Coaster Holders are stacked or upright. Wood options do vary.












There are several treatment options for coaster holders. Please note the maple (light colored) stacked holder  on front right, This holder has a spline (correct spelling) treatment added to the upright pieces. This may be of contrasting exotic woods and are thin wood pieces inserted into the base wood to add points of interest. A difficult and time consuming technique but it does make the holder stand out.

Felt pads are on the bottom of the holders.

Prices do vary by wood and designs.  Please call for pricing-Call: 702-289-4167.

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