Wine Gift Boxes

Wine Gift Box

-Each box is hand made in the US from furniture grade hardwoods and signed by the craftsman.
-No nails or metal fasteners/hinges are used in construction.
-Choice of woods: Maple/Walnut or Cherry/Walnut.
-Hand sanded and finished.
-Solid wood only construction-¾” solid hardwood and ¼” solid hardwood bottom and top.
-No plywood used in construction, no rough sawn wood, and no particle board.
-Quality as only seen in fine furniture.
-Free personalization laser engraving– (2 in. x 3.5 in.) Larger size engraving $15.00.
-Free Natural Aspen wood fiber excelsior packing material included. Just add the bottle of wine.

Inside-4” w x 4” h x 14 long”

Notes: Orders for 5 or more boxes-call for pricing. A laser engraved logo or text is free and does not require a set-up fee. For laser engraving larger than a 2 in. x 3.5 in. size is $15.00. Art graphics of name or logo must be in a Vector format. Unfortunately a bottle of wine is not included.

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Corp. Wine Gift Box



Two bottle Gift Box and One bottle Gift Box.

Personalize with laser engraved image. Designed for: corporate awards, gifts, and event commemoration.  Our Wine Gift Boxes may be customized with options such as: bottle stopper with holder, bottle divider, selection of exotic woods and all gift boxes use construction techniques found in high-end furniture.

Both Wine Gift Boxes use: fine furniture finishes (not stains), sliding lids, dowel assembly (no metal fasteners), hardwoods, and have curved ends; a high quality construction technique. Two bottle boxes come with what is called’ book-match pattern’ designed lid construction.

These boxes are suited for re-purposing.  Great additional uses are:  candle storage, utensil storage, wine cork display box, getting the remote control and cell phones out of site.

Personalization is by way of laser engraving on the side of the box or lid.  The wine Gift Box may be made with an optional treatment of “Bread Board Ends” of contrasting woods.

This is a presentation format that is already in some of the homes of CEO’s of major corporations in America.

Min. Quantity-5 units

Most any species of exotic wood may be utilized.

Call for a custom feature pricing and style of box: 702-289-4167

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Wine Journal Box

Great item as a corporate gift, event favor and personal item for that special wine cellar.  The Wine Journal Box is unique in that it uses 4 x 6 Wine Journal Cards to record wine tasting notes.  This item can be laser engraved with logo, message, or initials. The inside dimensions are 4 h x 6 w x 7″ d.  The Box will also accomodate coasters or bottle opener for storage.

Made of exotic hardwood with unique spline joinery of contrasting woods that are closed ends.  This feature of construction and fastening is rare and not found anywhere we are aware, even on the finest of furniture.  The lid is made of matching halves known as ‘book match”.

For pricing call: 702-289-4167 or e-mail:

100 Wine Journal Cards are included.

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