Wine Bottle Coasters

Maple Wine Bottle Coaster

A very aesthetically appealing bottle coaster that gives the appearance of floating above the table.  It is made of hard maple with a quality cork insert.  The 3 rings around the top add depth and clean lines that also serve to catch any drips as the bottle is set into the coaster. This Item may be made of different exotic woods to compliment quartz or granite surface colors and tabletops.

For optional woods please call for information-Call: 702-289-4167.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

-7 inches in diameter and is 1.5 inches high.
-4 inch insert is in the center of the coaster with a depth of .5 inch.
-Cork insert to keep wine off of the wood.
-All hand turned with a Danish Oil hand rubbed finish that gives it a smooth lustre.

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