Carlson muralThe product shown is of a mosaic style Trivet that can aslo be used as individual coasters. When clustered together the 4 parts can be arranged into a Trivet with a custom image. The images may be photographs or personal images such as a family crest.

The unique thing about quartz is that once the image is set into the stone it is permanent and thus will never scratch off or wear off.  The backs of the 4 x 4 inch (.25 inches thick) individual tiles come with felt pads. The additional benefit of quartz is that it is the 4th hardest mineral and it is long lasting.  This same process used in producing coasters and trivets are used in our production of mosaic wall covering mosaics that can span as much as 10 feet.

Please call for information on this prodcut. Call: 702-289-4167.