Cork Trivets

For corks from memorable wines.







There are many ways to remember great wines-Our Wine Journal Box or the Cork Trivet that displays those memorable wines experienced on those memorable occasions. Cork is a natural sustainable product for the Cork Tree.  With expensive countertop stone in many homes, there is constant demand for something tasteful to sit hot foods-the Cork Trivet is an entertaining answer. The real masterful touch is using the trivet as a gift item that may be personalized with laser engraved names, logos, quotes, dates or image.  The engraving may be on the side or top edges; consider even using all 4 sides.


  • Long lasting and memorable item for home entertaining.
  • Personalized with laser engraving.
  • Made of premium hardwood options-Maple, Purpleheart, Padduk, Walnut or Cherry.
  • Hand selection of woods make it possible to obtain beautiful grain and figuring effects.
  • Edge treatment is a contrasting wood that adds strength and allows for engineering without nails and metal fasteners.
  • Great corporate gifts and branding.

Please call for specific size details and engraving options.  Shown is 9 inches square and 1.5 inches high.  A lot of detail for such a small item.  Call: 702-289-4167.

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