Corporate Gifts/Event Favors

Trivet Frame

Probably one the most ask for items Image of Wine sells.  It is a very functional item and a great conversation piece that displays favorite corks from memorable wines.

The Trivet may be ordered without corks. Order without corks and use the corks in your own collection to fill the Trivet. Corks supplied by Image of Wine are new premium corks randomly selected from premier wineries in Napa and Sonoma.

-Solid hardwood frame.
-Hand assembled and finished.
-Great compliment for the Wine Gift Box.
-Free laser engraving on the top edge.

Available in  Cherry and Padauk corners (call for availability).

Dimensions: Outside is 9 in. x 9 in.

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Bamboo Wine Glass Coasters

Using the finish bamboo on the planet Image of Wine has created coasters that are the highest quality wine coasters anywhere.  A unique system of using 3 cross-plies to prevent warping.  Bamboo is the most Eco-Friendly material known.  We have used only the Moso bamboo for these 4″ x 4″ coaster.

Coasters come in Natural and Caramelized pure colors.

If you want we can personalize you coaster with a corporate logo or event logo.

Price shown is for a single 4 Coaster set. For quantities for corporate or event favors please call for pricing-Call:702-289-4167

Additional DescriptionMore Details

-Bamboo is 154% harder than oak, therefore Image of Wine has used Teak Oil to treat the bamboo against staining…it penetrates deep.
-2 coats of Teak Oil, each coat has beenhand applied and hand rubbed.
-The sealing system takes 4 days to complete…not cheap but the best.
-Felt pads on the corners.
-4 coasters in a set-Colors can be mixed.
-Call for information on Customization options with laser engraving.

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Burgundy Rosewood-Corporate Series

The stopper as shown is highly grained and is also available in a lighter copper color.  It is a very dense and highly polished wood with a flat surface on top for  logo engraving.  It has a very nice feel and balance.  The stopper hardware is food grade stainless steel and will not rust or pit.  This is NOT chrome plated that will flake off.  Luxury and richness are evident.

Minimum order are 5 units.

Due to a fire at the factory where this wood is manufactured  please call first for availability of the raw material.  Call: 702-289-4167.  Other woods are available in the exotic category so there are many excellent options.

Additional DescriptionMore Details

-Burgundy Rosewood crown that is highly grained with gloss finish.
-Stainless steel hardware with ‘O’ rings to seal the bottle from air.
-Very nice tactile feel and balance.
-Engraving is offered-call for information and requirements for artwork.

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Quartz Coasters-Custom Images

Quartz is a great product for coasters because it is non-porous amd will not stain. These coasters come with custom images that are permanent and will never scratch off.  Great for corporate gifts, custom designer pieces and homes.  Customer supplies high resolution images  such as a logo (including text message) and full color graphics.   This is the same product that has been featured on a prominent lifestyle cable channel.

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Corp. Wine Gift Box

Call for quantity pricing: 702-289-4167

Min. Quantity-10 units

Two bottle Gift Box or One bottle Gift Box.

Personalize with laser engraved imageor logo. Designed for: corporate awards, gifts, and event commemoration.  Our Wine Gift Boxes may be customized with options such as: bottle stopper with holder, bottle divider, selection of exotic woods and all gift boxes use construction techniques found in high-end furniture.  Engravings have the option of being color filled.

Both Wine Gift Boxes use: fine furniture finishes (not stains), sliding lids, dowel assembly (no metal fastners), hardwoods, and curved ends. Two bottle boxes come with book-match pattern designed lids.

These boxes are suited for re-purposing…use for candle storage, utensile storage, cork boxes, getting the remote control and cell phones out of site.

Personalization is by way of laser engraving on the side of the box or lid only.  The wine Gift Box may be made with an optional treatment of “Bread Board Ends” of contrasting woods.

This is a presentation format that is already in some of the homes of CEO’s of major corporations in America.

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Corkscrew-Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is a mystery to most of us; it is light weight yet stronger than steel.  It is the stuff that jet fighters and stealth aircraft are made of; even the Boeing 787 and Ferrari sports cars use carbon fiber. The look of carbon fiber is intriguing because of it’s exotic near iridescent quality. The handle of our Carbon Fiber corkscrew is made of carbon fiber and the mechanisms are made of a space age vapor coating technique; truly a wine accessory for the ages.  Carbon Fiber is made of carbon with a single strand thinner than a human hair, but when twisted into a thread and then woven into a fabric its look and feel is unmistakable.  The Carbon Fibe Corkscrew is handmade in Italy from the raw carbon fabric laid-up into a solid piece of carbon fiber handle.

Corporate branding is achieved through a high end gift box that can carry a corporate logo, message or graphic suitable for any corporate occasion. These also can make excellent wedding favors.

Minimum order: 10

Must call for final pricing and to discuss customizing options.

Individual purchases are available on our “Luxury Corkscrew Sets” page under products.  These include a Bottle Stopper alsong with the Carbon Fiber Corkscrew in a gift box.

Call for more information and a quote: 702-289-4167



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Corkscrew-Cocobolo Exotic Wood

Cocobolo is one of those woods that is imbued with an intoxicating color.  To successfully work with Cocobolo a lot of wood is deferred or utilized for less demanding applications.  Therefore, only the best of the best Cocobolo has been used by Farfalli to make these corkscrews.  As with the Carbon Fiber corkscrew, the Cocobolo is made of high guage, vapor process coated mechanical devices that has are double hinged for perfect leverage and extraction of the cork.  A piece of art with a great tactile feel and eye appeal.  Discriminating oenophiles will spot the quality and uniqueness of the Cocobolo Corkscrew.  Truly the highest quality corkscrew in the World today.

Individual Cocobolo Corkscrews with custom Bottle Stopper are available on our product page “Luxury Corkscrew Sets”.

Corporate branding is available on the presentation gift box.

Minimum order: 10

Pricing is dependent on customization options and quantity.  Please call for more information: 702-289-4167

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The Dolphin Corkscrew is an excellent product for corporate gift or wedding favor.  This is a very high quality corkscrew that is widely appreciated by sommeliers and oenophiles alike. It comes with a simulated wood handle that is ideally suited for branding of corporate messages or as a token of appreciation as a wedding favor.  A permanent message or logo can be hot stamped on any or all three sides of the handle.  The Dolphin comes in a box that makes a quality and rich presentation well beyond its attractive price.  The wood grained effect is applied by sublimation and is designed to last a lifetime.  Great as a gift, meeting favor or wedding favor.

Minimum order: 10 units

Must call to discuss your imaging requirements and pricing. Call: 702-289-4167





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Coasters-Custom with Holder

Image of Wine Coasters for corporate gifts and event favors are made of Quartz. The Quartz stone will accept most any image.  Quartz is the fourth hardest stone and they are durable.

The attributes of our Quartz Coasters are:

  • Image can be color and black and white-photo or line art
  • A different image can be placed on each coaster in the 4 coaster set
  • Because of the resin the quartz is anti-microbial
  • Images will NOT scratch off, wear off, wash off or flake off–The images are very much permanent
  • Choice of holders–stack holder and up-right holder
  • 4″ x 4″ x 1/4″ thick with felt protective pads on back
  • Work well as wedding favors
  • The size tiles can be used for custom backsplash, lobby wall coverings with custom corporate artwork

Think about using these coasters to showcase new product pictures, announce a new campaign, etc.

Minimum order: 10 sets with holder

Call for production requirements and pricing.  Call: 702-289-4167


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Coasters-Stack Holder

Same coaster as previous except image is different and the holder is modified.

Call for further information on all quartz coaster sets. Call:  702-289-4167

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Bottle Stoppers with Engraving

Bottle Stoppers are a staple of wine lovers.  They afford many uses in bottles other than wine.  The Image of Wine Bottle Stopper also offer great opportunities for companies to build awareness with a great logo engraved on the top of the stopper crown. As wedding favors they are appreciated, especially our stoppers are not made in China and are handcrafted.

  • The crown can be made of any exotic hardwood variety.  The option is to do a nice engraving on the crown and fill with contrasting colored paint.
  • The stopper ‘cone’ is 100% USA made of 100% stainless steel with nitrite seals.  All are food grade and no chrome plating on ‘pot metal’.  (Chrome and wine do not work well together.)
  • Some customers also add the Bottle Stopper to their Wine Gift Box order. The Bottle Stopper fits into a special made wood holder inside the box.
  • As a stand alone item, the Bottle Stoppers come packaged in eco friendlygift boxes.

Minimum order for custom/personalized Bottle Stoppers: 10 units

Call for information on customization and engraving and wood options for the crown. Call: 702-289-4167

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Custom Designs Stoppers

Special Design Bottle Stopper Gift Presentation

Custom Designed Laser Engraving. With numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  Totally custom designs from image to packaging.a



















If you are planning a very unique event or business outing that requires something of value and unique impression let us help you design a special item-convention, business meeting, customer event, a wedding or family reunion please call us for assistance.

Shown is a project we did for a new AVA designation which included stoppers made of Purple Heart wood with a totally custom logo. Only 100 were produced.

Call us at: 702-289-4167

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Some Idea’s For Quartz

Quartz Tabletops

Custom Designs in Quartz

Applications for Quartz with Image of Wine:

Counter tops, custom coasters, cutting boards, gifts, favors, convention give-a-ways, and mosaic wall murals.  Don’t forget the custom applications for decorative or advertising imprinted on floor tile and tabletops.  This product also could work well in a high-end corporate lobby.
Quartz Glass CoastersWine stain coasters

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