Wine Reviews

Organic wine really does taste better, says new study

It’s official, organic wine (made from grapes grown without pesticides, fungicides or any other artificial fertilisers) does taste better than non-organic wine. Source: Organic wine really does taste better, says new study   I don’t think we can take [this study] very seriously. Lots and lots of factors affect the way a wine tastes”  Victoria […]

Went to Indiana wine country

The wineries as such, are spread far apart and the quality, as I assess it, is equally far apart… Made some sales calls last week at wineries around Indianapolis.  Impressed with 2-Mallow Run and Oliver.  It is still hard to accept that blackberries and peaches are used to make what they defend as wine-in addition […]

What wine with what food…Personally, I don’t care but some do!

I received a piece of mail today from “American Wine Cellars” that layed out logically and very simply…The Pairings. 1. Heavy meals generally call for full-bodied wines, and light meals call for light-bodied wines. 2. Fatty meals tend to go well with acidic reds. 3. Salty foods work well with acidic whites. 4. Spicy foods are […]