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Glass of Wine, Beer Might Be Good for Heart

Having a drink each day may help protect a person’s heart against disease, a large-scale study suggests.But don’t bend that elbow too often: drinking to excess can increase your risk for a variety of heart problems, the study also showed.Researchers tracked more than 1.9 million healthy British adults and found that having the occasional drink […]

News About Wine Trends

For a long time I have been talking about trends in craft beer and wines. Blends and more premium wines have been discussed in Image of Wine for months and this is a great article that adds more depth to these stories about trends. Steve Lay Wine Market Council and Nielsen Explore Industry Trends-Wine Enthusiast […]

Judgment of Paris No Clear-Cut Decision | Wine News & Features

Judgment of Paris No Clear-Cut Decision | Wine News & Features

  © Wikimedia Commons | Was the Judgment of Paris really such a hands-down victory for California? With the 40th anniversary celebrations over, Claire Adamson runs a more critical eye over the actual scores. Posted Wednesday, 25-Jan-2017  It’s practically written into the annals of time at this point. A young English wine merchant organizes a […]

I recently organized a tour to Mendoza, Argentina for wine enthusiast from the U.S.  The program was structured to explore other “Wine Countries” through meetings with owners of some of the premier wineries in Mendoza. Over the past few years I have been trying some of the wines of Argentina and Chile and became impressed […]



Sophisticated Monitoring System Can Detect Temperature Damage to Wine in Transit By Elizabeth Hans McCrone Editor’s Note: eProvenance is one of the Wine Industry Network’s 2016 WINnovation Awardwinners for excellence in wine industry innovation. No one knows exactly how much wine may become damaged due to temperature fluctuations during transport, but data collected by a […]

This Algorithm’s Taste in Wine Is Better Than Yours

This is an interesting article that really takes the consumer into a very technical realm of buying the right wine based upon personal preferences. Algorithm’s are part of almost all aspects of daily living–where do you think those ads on your computer come from? They are generated based upon algorithm’s generated from your online visits […]


RESEARCHERS FINALLY FOUND WHAT MAKES OLD WINE SMELLSep 7, 2016(VinePair) – A single enzyme is primarily responsible for making aged wines have that oh-so-enticing old wine smell, according to researchers from the University of Strasbourg in France. The name of the enzyme, however, isn’t nearly as romantic as the idea of aging like a fine wine. Prepare […]

Organic wine really does taste better, says new study

It’s official, organic wine (made from grapes grown without pesticides, fungicides or any other artificial fertilisers) does taste better than non-organic wine. Source: Organic wine really does taste better, says new study   I don’t think we can take [this study] very seriously. Lots and lots of factors affect the way a wine tastes”  Victoria […]

New AVA in Sonoma Valley-Moon Mountain AVA

New AVA in Sonoma Valley-Moon Mountain AVA

On October 1, 2013 the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) that regulates issues of wine, just announced the designation of a specific area in Sonoma County, CA (which lies within the Sonoma Valley AVA) as its own AVA (I guess that would make it a sub AVA). In total there are now […]

If A Winery Wants or Needs To Adjust Alcohol Levels In Their Wine-Spinning Cone Is A Solution

Anthony Dann-CEO This is an article about a company called ConeTech and its founder, Mr. Anthony Dann.   What ConeTech does is adjust the alcohol level in wine without compromising aromas and taste.  But, let me take a step back; please bear with me because I am a fan of “adjusting alcohol levels in wine” in […]